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Originally Posted by nafoo View Post
I've lived in Dallas for 18 years, 4 years in Austin, and Houston for 5 years. Houston's humidity is 100x worse than Dallas' humidity and 200x worse than Austin.
i went to pick up my blue pitbull last year in Dallas on July 19th.

we left Houston's humidity and got to Dallas @ 1:15PM.

i walked outside and it felt great. it was "hot", but much like Phoenix, it was easily bareable.

we were standing outside of Denny's taking pictures and hangin out with the kids and no one was sweating or complaining about the heat.

then, the following month my little brother comes to visit for the weekend from Bedford.

he looks at me while sitting in ball soup outside of our gazebo and says "fuck dude, this fucking shit sucks - it's hot in Dallas, but not as fucked up as this".