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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
A lot of it is opinion...humidity is annoying. I'm not saying that there aren't more annoying humid days in Houston. I'm just saying it's not that much different on avg. Just because you go there one day and it happens to be not as bad as the same day in Houston..doesn't mean there aren't many other days during the summer that aren't worse in Dallas.

When I got to Arizona, I said the same's dry. And if you go out there for a day and it's the normal 110 degree day there..and you're used to being annoyed by the humidity where you might feel more comfortable. But when you spend years there and every single fucking summer...from the beginning of May all the way to the end of's 105-115 every fucking day...and it's over 100 by 7 AM every fucking day...and is over 105 till 10 PM every fucking day....for 4-5 months...without a drop of rain the entire seriously go out of your mind after a while. Believe me...the cars and bldgs don't know what humidity is...only you do. People barely go outside there during the summer there....Phoenix is worse, just get no break from the heat's brutal.

But then again....we're all pussies at the end of all this. Go to Kuwait/Saudi Arabia for a summer...then tell me humidity is so bad. It's dry as fuck there too....but you realize that temperature is what really counts in the end....and my wife is in Africa right now....where it's 115 every day AND we suck lol

But this is a fun argument to me......I've lived in all the climates....and I...personally have just found dry to be irrelevant. I have played many softball tourneys all day in both climates....I'll take the lower temps/humidity any day. Now if I had to wear a suit every day...then maybe I'd take the dry....sweating to death is annoying. But the body responds to temperature more. Plus dry is worse for you....your nose bleeds constantly and your skin drys out. Humidity is good for you...
I wear a suit everyday and I sweat like crazy. This is why I say Houston's way worse than Dallas. I prefer dry heat over high humidity any day. It's not like Houston temps don't get up in the 100s too. Last year it was 110 for a week straight WITH humidity. FML.