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Originally Posted by NotNormal View Post
Lol....I run the same springs, dropped 5mm rear and 18mm front (actual drop)
Took me abit of figuring out to get everything to sit how I wanted and have the flush look but didn't want it to catch at all and had to have the same ride quality as standard msport or as close as .... Goal achieved !! Haha

What engine you got ? Apparently their are two spring rates - one for the 6 cylinder and one for the 4 cylinder engines.
Nice man! You got it spot on! The rims and the stance of your car is just sick!

mines a 4 Cylinder!

Lol I have a whole rant here about it:

In summary if you have a 320i M sport, forget these springs!

At least with this arch gap.... there definitely isn't going to be any rubbing!