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Parts Geek, LLC

I had ordered 17 different items for my 08 335i from this vendor as they were one of the least expensive I could find on the parts I needed. I'm getting ready to do a major maintenance project and I had already purchased the larger more expensive components from some of the vendors and individual members on this forum. After making a check list I decided I would be better off purchasing all of the lesser components from one vendor just to get it over with. Their website was fairly easy to navigate but I noticed that 9 out of the 17 items I needed were down to 1 in stock but I took my chances and placed the order on a credit card. I got: idler pulleys, tensioner pulley, windshield washer pump and grommet, valve cover gasket, intake manifold gasket set, accessory belt, oil cooler manifold gasket and o'rings for the lines and a few other gaskets and o'rings. All together a little less than $300.00 including shipping. After I placed the order I decided to google them to see what kind of reputation they had and I suddenly wish I hadn't! There were complaints all over the place about them shipping out empty boxes, wrong items and not getting the items after all.

I got sick to my stomach after reading the complaints and verifying on their website that you cannot cancel the order at any time even if you called them immediately after placing the order and if you get a wrong item through my fault or theirs they do not pay or reimburse for shipping the item back. That really got to me that they could ship you a wrong part, which apparently happened to many people, and you would have to call them for an RMA, pay to have it shipped back and still have to pay the shipping for the replacement item! I had to verify this over the phone to be sure. There were some complaints that people got sent the wrong item so many times that the shipping rate exceeded the cost of the part. But happy to say all items came in over the course of 5 days and shipped from 5 warehouses. I checked and rechecked all parts and everything came in correctly but after reading the complaints I highly doubt I purchase from them again. Great prices though. FYI