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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
Awfully Polite has been a regular member for some time now, I don't think that hes gona suddenly go "mad" and start sending abusive PMs.

well, unless you scottish people pissed him off so much that he has gone mad!...

jokes btw...
Cheers Kev,

Mate I got totaly Facebook raped its unreal. So now apparently I have divorced my wife and renting a flat with a group of gay guys in Brighton and performing Drag queen cabaret shows on fridays.

Tough one to explain to my family abroad.

Hows things in london? Coping with the M4 Olympic lanes? What a nightmare mate, I was behind a lady who had paused for a minutes because she didnt know wether to risk the bus lane or the flipping royalty lane and have a nice juicy fine. TFL = Kn*bs