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What...did you play for like 5 minutes in the shade or something? That's just ludicrous. I know for a go out there during those temps...and there aren't people running around outside playing sports for hours. Maybe short periods. That's the difference....

I have played MANY tournaments all day in both climates. And I would say that most of my tourneys were in even less heat where it was say...105 or so...

Than I played in Floirda where it is MORE humid than Houston (there is no argument on that). And it just so happens the temps were about 100 when I was out there. I was DRENCHED in sweat the whole tourneys.

After being outside with the 105+ temps.... I could hardly walk at the end of the day. Oh...but I was less

The was sweaty as hell all day but I felt great at the end of the day. Your body could care less how sweaty you are. It only kwows what temperature it is.

Bottom think humidity is everything. I'm saying that places like Yuma, people avoid going outside all they can during the summer. When I drive through Houston (like I have this summer and last)....I stop and get out of the car....and it's say....97-100...which is usually the high there....and it's I get sticky..but it's bareable....I stop in Yuma when it's 112...which it is most days in the summer...and I literally lose my breath instantly....and feel like I'm cooking in an oven.

And like I get breaks from this...

It rains sometimes in Houson in the summer (a lot sometimes) = IT NEVER rains in the summer there.

Houston gets highs as low as high 80's some days in the summer...usually mid 90's = Places like Yuma are OVER 100 every single day (often reaching 110-115) starting late May till the end of September.

One other thing...when you have a breeze where it's humid...which you often do's a slightly cool breeze...especially in the morning/evening <<which by the way...are much cooler compared to Yuma. The morning/evenings in Yuma are often STILL over 100. When the wind blows there (which happens often)'s even's like being in hell.

I can't believe you compared Houston to that place.....
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