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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
It's never the customers fault.

But it would of been better to just of asked for singles out of the $5. If I were you and didn't mention anything, I would of left him nothing instead of the 50 cents. The 50 cents was kind of an ass thing to do....
customers are always right that statement makes me laugh everytime. its even funnier when people live by that rules and think they can get away with everything.

Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
Already done in Japan. One iPad at each table for sushi-go-rounds. Prepare for no moar tips!
A good server would be able to read the person that you are and make suggestions/recommendations, answer questions that you have about the food/drinks/ingredients, anticipate your needs. Try that with an iPad.

I am guessing some of you guys really dont know how to dine out and enjoy the experience. Most of these shitty tippers are usually the one that demand the most attention and wish the server would treat them like a king. Picking on everything and keep justifying whatever reason you have for being cheap. Please do not dine out and waste other people's time and effort for creating a pleasant experience for you.

How someone treats the waitstaff and tipping accordingly actually reflect a lot about a person. Try dining with your clients/friends and they see you leaving a shitty tip and see how what kind of impression you make...

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