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Originally Posted by BillyG335d View Post
I have had a buzzing noise coming from my rear right speaker on two occasions even after my stereo was turned off and car was turned off. Hopefully they will replace my stereo and amp so it doesn't continue to happen after my warranty expires.
Same thing happened to me this week. I was getting back into my car on a super hot day (100 degree plus) after having parked in the sun for a bit over one hour. As I got in, I noticed some water on the top of my dashboard, in the right, front A/C vent and a little tiny drop in the "ashtray" looking thing just below the radio. I can't figure out how the water got there. My young son's water bottle was next to it in the cup holder, but I can't imagine how the water got from the bottle in the cup holder to the dashboard. My first thought was that something had happened behind the dashboard. That didn't quite explain how a bit of water got on top of my dashbard though. Anyway...

On the way home the left driver door speaker started to crackle, fizz and pop. Four minutes later, the rear passenger side speaker started to do the same. And about 2 minutes after that, all of the speakers were doing it (or at least so many that I couldn't distinguish one from another). I got into the garage, parked, turned off the engine, but they continued to snap, crackle and pop (and loudly) while the stereo was off.

I was concerned enough to call around to a couple of places to figure out how to shut down the stereo. The dealership said to remove the fuse, but there were 6 of them, several of which controlled a bunch of other stuff too. Another place said that the car doesn't actually fully power down for 20 minutes or so, and I did notice that when I left it alone for awhile the car did power down and the noise stopped. I checked 1 hour and 2 hours later and upon powering up the two front speaker did a quieter version of their earlier noise.

I was told that the following were possible sources of the problem: loose connection on one of the speakers that could be impacting all of the speaker or an amp in the truck going bad. Obviously the likely issue had to do with the water (albeit, a very little amount) that I found in the front of the car. I'm guessing that somehow got into the radio.

I rolled all of the windows down in the car and hoped that whatever water there might be in the radio would dry out. About 8 hours later, I started the car without any speaker noises occurring. The next morning everything seemed fine, and I haven't had any problems for the past 3 days. I'm guessing it was water shorting the speakers, but I just can't figure out how the water got back there if it was from my son's water bottle (if that was the source), or if there's anything that could leak water from the other side of the dashboard (but that wouldn't explain how I got a small puddling of water on the top of the dashboard itself). Odd.