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I know...I'm talking about Yuma.

Just relax. You're already getting personal. Calling me kid and telling me to educate myself. I can't stand arguing on the internet....pretty pointless. We'll continue this discussion when I come out there soon. You can't tell someone's tone on here. I'm starting to get pretty irritated with the Kid and educate comment. I could assume you're a pretty arrogant guy with that statement since you have no idea who you're talking to. I'm not a kid and I am educated. And I've been in the military for almost 20 years. I've been ALL over the world and lived in/traveled through all the hot climates. I would venture to say I know first hand how they both feel.

My opinion is that dry or humid....actual temp is what matters. And you "Houstonians" come on here and talk like Houston is the hottest/most humid place on Earth. It matters not whether I'm a "Houstonian." You can look up all this info and the fact is that Dallas avgs almost the same humidity as Houston with higher temps. Yet everyone thinks Houston is so much worse. It's just not true. You can say it over and over and it won't change the facts.

And no breeze in Houston EVER....not true either...

The dry vs. humid argument is opinion. But I have found that the body responds much worse to actual temp than therefore the Yuma/desert heat is much worse...