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Exclamation Engine noise and tremor 2008 328i coupe. Help!

Hey guys. i have a problem here. i went to get my oil changed and after i left about half a mile down i get to a stop light and my cars idle goes down a bit and my car starts to tremble as if its about to shut off, also there is a light whistling sound coming from the engine. when i accelerate to drive off everything goes away, whistling noise and all. when i come to another stop it comes back. but even with all the trembling going on the car never dies out. if i shut the car off and turn it back on, it doesn't happen anymore for a few minutes. this has happened to me once before few months back and i shut the car off turned it back on and the problem never returned till today. anyone here have the same issue and what could be the problem im having. i also posted a video on youtube, you might have to turn up your speakers because the volume is low. you can listen to the whistling noise. ive read that maybe it could be bad injectors? would very much appreciate anyones help. thank you.