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This is stupid!!! Seriously what on earth. Ok I understand that pepperspray is deemed a firearm of sorts. But what on earth is one suposed to do, if one is (god forbid) attacked? I am not questioning the enforcement of the law by the police, it is not their fault, but the Suits who think its dangerous.

My stance on this is simple... Pepperspray aside, lets talk guns... One could argue, ignorantly, that USA is a prime example why People shouldn't have guns... Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

I hear there is a law in Switzerland ( dont quote me) that each household MUST by law have a firearm. How many gun related deaths do they have? Extremely low ( I hear).

Personally I would rather a woman spray the bastard in the eyes and get a 6 month comunity service rather than possibly get raped or worse.

O.P All the best for your friend, terrible situation to be in, I hope she and the little ones stay safe.