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Originally Posted by BKap08 View Post
That color is sick. Just don't know how good the quality will look up close
I will get some close up for the people that are bashing it...It looks just as amazing close up as the photos from 5 feet do.

Originally Posted by Collanrf View Post
How much plastidip did you use and where did you buy it?
3 Gallons

Originally Posted by TeamSoloE93 View Post
Have you ever seen it up close? It looks and feels like suede. I have no clue why people want to do this on the outside of their car, good luck washing it too. Unless the texture changes within time but it looks like shit in person.
Washing it is sooooo much easier then a normal car. Soap and water on, rinse off, no need to dry. No water spots.

Originally Posted by K20soldier View Post
What color is this?? Sick!
Blaze Blue

Originally Posted by RicheyBMW View Post
I came in here thinking you plastidipped your wheels or something, but wow it's your whole car! Props to you for even trying this. How do you think it will hold up through car washes, rain, etc?
Car washes are probably a no no. A simple 5 minute wash at home is only needed about every week, whenever it rains, it actually washes the car. Win

Originally Posted by Taranto203 View Post
CT We Go Hard! That's Real NICEE
CT for LIFE!!!

Originally Posted by OwnAge View Post
Haha same here. I had a WTF face.
It should hold well. I have my grill plati dip for 3+ years now. 80% highway driving, with 7 coats on it. Still fine. Worse comes to worse he can just add some on top if he needs to.

Looks sick btw.
Thanks bro, I've had my grills and window trim for a while with no issues. Now the trim is blue, and I am trying to come up with a good solution to get them back to black, she still has a little work left in her.
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