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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
I cook some rice, fry some chicken sausage and shrimp with some onion, pepper, and jalapeno, then spice everything up and add drained roasted tomatoes and mix in a large skillet. Takes 20 mins and lasts a few days since I just make a bunch at once.

Baked chicken breast with whole wheat pasta and some basil/jalapeno and onion mixed with marinara. Bit of melted mozz on top.

Sliced chicken breast (into strips) on a skillet with fried garlic, bunch of fresh spinach and pesto. Also some whole wheat pasta and a bit of romano on top before you eat.

allrecipes is a good site; all about pulling ideas from different recipes and trying to see what works for you. can't be lazy about it--give yourself time to do a good job.

it's all about quality stuff when you shop. I prefer to buy quality produce and not avoid unhealthy ingredients in my cooking, just keep them to a level I'm comfortable with. I avoid junk food and drinking calories so I can eat whatever I want to cook and not worry about it.

In for more
Great stuff, exactly what im looking for. looks like i have some shopping to do tonight. Thanks!

lets keep the ideas coming guys, i think this could be a helpful thread for many of us guys