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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport Automotive View Post
I wish this all happened at a meet, it'd be more fun than the actual drive itself. Although some people I know who know karkid from early teenage years saw this and said I'm not surprised.

I don't know Aman well enough so

One thing I can say, if it is you who's posting (although really, someone is fake posting on your account?) to talk about people living off their parents houses etc. If I recall you live near me, across from our old high school which I'd logically assume is not YOUR house. The shop you run your business out of is not YOUR shop, or your not paying for it as you said its a sofa business (near Auto Power?)...which I guess who is also leasing your benz (any human being leasing without expensing it..well no comment). I don't know, being 25 and actually owning my own house and cars I've had growing up working a paper route to buy my clothes and gear makes me upset reading (if it was you or not). - Not that there is anything wrong with having help from parents or anything along those lines.

P.S. This reminds me of a board member here a long time guys know him real well, although I know him from another BMW board local to us.
Cool story bro, would you like a medal or trophy for that?