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Logic 7 amp DELETE

With all these posts about Logic 7 amps going kaput, I have been nervous about mine going the same route, and me having to shell out big bucks for a replacement. I have also been wondering what a cleaner signal would do as an input for the MS-8, and whether it would alleviate my problem with constant turn-on and off popping.

Enter the Mobridge M1000-M-DA2. This little box basically converts the optical MOST output signal of the OEM HU into 8 analog low-level RCA outputs, ready to use by your processor of direct connection to your aftermarket amp(s).

For those not using a processor, the unit works with the OEM 7-band EQ, as well as all fade/left/right/bass/treble etc. controls, giving a good basic amount of adjustability. In my case, I did not care about any adjustments from the HU, since the MS-8 takes care of all of that.

Removal of L7 amp was a snap, took less than 5 minutes. The mobridge unit is very small (roughly 2 cigarette packs side by side) and extremely light weight. To install, all you need to do is disassemble the OEM optical connegctor which was hooked up to the L7 amp, to retrieve the small plastic plug that holds the two optical cables together, and then insert that plug into the connector that was provided with the unit. Power and ground were connected to the MS-8 terminals, and the turn-on wire went to the MS-8 remote-in terminal.

Once powered-up, the unit's FW needs to be updated. Basically, you only need to tell it what brand car it's going into, since it can work for several different car makes. What you need is a PC laptop (not MAC!) and a USB to mini USB cable. Download the SW from, start the update wizard, turn on the car and HU, connect the cable, and then follow the on-screen instructions. That's all. Turn the car off, lock it, let everything "reset/reboot" (about 5 to 10 minutes), then turn the ignition on and everything should work perfectly (as it did for me).

I have not had much time to listen critically, but let's just say that it sounds crystal clear, with no audible noise/hiss, and the popping I had before is a thing of the past!

I will update with pics once I get my camera back.
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