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Cheers for the offer of cash matey... i already said i would LOAN her the money .. 1 interest so its not a gift and make her feel bad - but she said no.

Anyway... spoke to her later... and appears the guy has moved his sights onto someone else in her block, BUT the other girls partner ran down and grabbed him asked him what he was doing.

He said he was waiting for a friend - in a dead end road underneath their windows! He then walked off past some shops who have CCTV - and whose owner knows she is having probe so she told the guy this and he is going to ask to see the tape to see if they can see him and then take the tape to the police.

It is amazing though that u cannot defend yourself when under attack as YOU get persecuted!


She seems more relaxed now as she hoping as the guy been spoken to etc and maybe on film might just scare him away - him being caught by the police would be a real win.
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