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Originally Posted by CaptChaos View Post
Planning for winter already?

The dealer prices are at a premium. Try TireRack (forum sponsor). They will have some good winter options available (tires only or tires and wheels) but not for two or three more months.
Yeah, I have to pre-plan this early, it's Calgary.. winter could happen tomorrow!

I looked around at Tire Rack, figure out what would be involved in getting them here - travel cost, hassle factor..nevermind finding someone to put them on. I just don't know if I want to put that much effort into it.

The dealer might be a bit higher priced, but then I only have one place, one person, and one business to go to in order to have _everything_ done at. I guess it's more for a matter of convenience and time which would sway me to go that way.

I still have time though, if this fall is a repeat of last year, I won't need the tires until January... here's hoping.

Thanks for your input guys, appreciate it.