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Originally Posted by V8Beatr View Post
I've been thinking about investing in some 50 and 100 ozt bars of Silver and a few oz of gold, If so, any advice, tips, warnings?
Free Insured Silver & Gold Storage in Our Vault. Free Shipping

1) Sealed mint box uncirculated condition of 500 Silver Coins American Eagle 1 ounce and 500 Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins 1 ounce.

Free insured storage in our vault for up to one year. Perfect for big investors. Free Shipping

Minimum Buy Order: $1,500

Clients who do not wish to pay the VAT on their purchase, we offer allocated bullion storage and we allows client to view, ship and sell their holdings online. Clients can manage their "storage account".

We offer at least the spot price for all bullion sold back to us from vault storage and payment sent directly to clientís bank account.

2) Brand new and sealed 1 ounce Credit suisse gold bars, 1 ounce silver coins, 1 Ounce American Eagle Gold Coins.

3) Brand new and sealed 10 ounces Credit suisse gold bars, 1 ounce and 10 ounce silver bars, Brand New 1 Kg and Brand New 100 ounces silver bars.

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