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Originally Posted by RCUK View Post
Just thought id post this for some advice more then anything.

In short, a friend of mine has a stalker.

About a month ago a window was smashed at her house, she just assumed it was kids playing football and accidents happen. Few days later, another window got smashed. The a few days after a tree branch was pushed through her open window.

Then a week or so after that she saw a man looking at her through her kitchen window when she walked into the kitchen. As she walked in he ducked and ran away - prob worth saying at this point she is a single mum living on her own with 2 daughters in a group floor flat

She has now seen the guy 3 more times and doesn't recognise him whatsoever. Also 2 weeks ago a neighbour called the police as they saw a person put their head through an open window at her flat.

Final straw was last week someone broke into her car and stole her satnav unit, as well as her clothes inc her old shoes. She said nothing of value - just cheap tat that she left in the car for driving etc.

Police have been called and have been really good and provided some excellent advice etc and are patrolling the area, but as u can imagine she is scared shitless at the mo and a prisoner in her own home.

Police are extremely concerned and have warned her he is a real threat to her and they believe he has mental issues. They have told her not to change her behaviour too much otherwise it might provoke him to do soothing and potentially attack her.

Brentwood Council (its a council flat) have been useless to put to lightly and have said it would take 6 months to approve her putting up a security light!! Police have contacted council and she is now waiting to get some feedback from them.

Just thought i would ask here if anyone has been in a similar situation??

Sorry I didn't realise I was causing her grief I'll stop at once ...
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