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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
Thats why, I 'm not going to be the "Sensible" one...I'd rather read in the daily mail, young BMW driver fights back and breaks a burglar's jaw and now faces criminal charges....


Young BMW driver dead and thief stole his car.....
Fair point kev, but what if. hypothetically speaking, the headline went this way...

Young BMW driver fights back against car thief. Ruckus ensues and BMW driver lands punch, thief falls akwardly and dies.... on the spot.


Young BMW driver tries to fight car thief, but throws akward punch because his jeans were hanging too low. Punch lands on the shoulder of thief, who steals car anyway. Paramedics (parapaul) arrive on scene and chuckle as they find Young BMW driver with broken wrist due to poorly thrown punch. Officers shortly arrive (MART) to ask for witness statements and proceed to upload cctv footage on Kevster has to use public transport with Olympic tourists.....