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I've been talking with Ken (VP Electricity) over the last several days about upgrading the base stereo in my 2010 E92. This DA2 was strongly recommended and it makes sense. I also like the idea it can support the 7-band EQ in the head unit if I can get it recoded to Top HiFi.

Therein lies the rub. I've read that several people have had their HUs successfully recoded from base to HiFi, but how about base to Top HiFi? I suppose it wouldn't be much different - just different values?

Ken mentioned using AutoLogic to do the recoding, but I'm having trouble finding a coder in the Mid-Atlantic area to do it. You guys who have posted so far have great contributions to audio topics. Do you know if base to Top HiFi can be done by other coding software. I'll ask in the Coding section as well.