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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
During the wkend, after parking my car, I went to the car behind me to check if they would be able to get out as I was quite close to them.

Fcukin b1tch was in the driver's seat, and when i said "are you ok to get out?" ...she was like "errr NO!!!"...

fcukin rude teenage b1tch who hopefully will get pregnant and slapped one day by a drug addict husband!...

There was enough space at the back, and then I realised that she wasn't even the she said..."i'm not the one driving"...with that teenage "i don't giva fcuk" attitude...

well, if you're not driving or can't drive...then why do you say you haven't go enuff space to get out!....fcukin retarded c0cksuckin wh0re...

i hate rude people!!!....especially when i'm nice!...

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