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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport Automotive View Post
Not really, but that's the stereotype that makes people think this board is running to crap if you did not already see the thread about another sponsor Mike@N54tuning. That the board is getting run down by young kids who have no sense of responsibility or morals...and it makes me pretty upset because eventually this board will be good for only the off topic like other BMW boards, and shops like us pay or used to pay to advertise. As each generation goes by it gets worse and to make a difference you have to speak out. Is that a problem?

Not only that...people from my high school talk a lot of smack about everything, sucks when people don't change..or grow up.
No worries Jon, no need to respond to that guy....waste of time. Who is he anyhow? never even noticed him on the forums....lurkers who only chime in when they want to be dicks.