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Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
Thanks man, I have done plenty of homework. I am actually running the SARM as a bridge. I just finished my PCT after a nice long sust run.
And i completely agree, AAS are not a miracle, if you are not training hard and eating correctly you are not going to really take advantage of them. And another thing people need to realise is that if you don't know what you are doing and do not have your PCT lined up you can really screw yourself up.

goddam dont remind me of sus. Most painful injections ever even with a 23g glute shot. @0.5cc EOD (2cc/week) i started getting more of a mental rush around week 3 then around week 5 i started guessing it was fake. Week 6 i knew for sure it was fake because i had not gone up a single pound and im pretty good about my diet. Vial was marked by Organon and its not the firs time i have seen that sust. Buddy had just run a cycle of it too and great gain but idk if i got fucked on the batch of what but more worried about what the hell it was cut with dam grape seed extract is painful. felt like i was sitting on a baseball everytime i drove