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Originally Posted by Surly73 View Post
Well, from my perspective the car still does it but less than before. Unlike any other car I've had, this E90 isn't as fun running up the revs with decent throttle angles because it does "weird stuff" when I lift and/or go to shift. I've had it almost 3 months, I can't still be getting used to it.

At any rate, my K+DCAN cable just showed up just over a week ago. I've done some coding and also upgraded the battery. I'll start digging into throttle sensor readouts and clearing adaptations soon.
Just out of interest, and sorry if you may have mentioned doing this already, but have you ever tried the throttle adaptation reset? I tried it once almost 2 years ago and put the results down to the placebo effect where you want to feel a difference. But now with my car's throttle behaviour lately I decided to give this another go this afternoon.

Key Fob in, ignition on, foot flat on the throttle (don't go near the clutch pedal) for 30 sec, then push the Start button. Leave everything as is for 2 minutes, then switch the ignition off. This should reset all throttle adaptation values.

With my car I can feel a slight improvement of the throttle feel, but the engine also seems to be smoother in general and less affected when taking your foot off the throttle. Went for an extensive drive on familiar and not familiar routes so that this is not down to muscle memory etc. Worth a try if you haven't done this yet - there are a few other threads about this on this forum.
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