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Originally Posted by mannytabloid View Post
Hey Y'all,

My first post, looking to get my first BMW, hoping y'all could help me out.

I found what seems to be a pretty good deal on a '07 335i Coupe at the BMW of Alexandria dealership and I was wondering if people think I need to get it checked out at an indy shop for inspection. Or is the dealers inspection good enough? If I should, what's a good shop people go to for post-warranty work?

It's got 47k on it, so it's about to go out of warranty (already replaced the HPFP once, two years ago). Anything else I should be looking for?

I love this model and I'm really excited to get one. Hopefully I'll see some of you soon at a meetup once I'm all set up.


For being 5 years old the miles are relatively low. If they will let you take it up to Hanover MD, I'd have AT Speed Motorsports check it out. It will prob cost you $200-$300 but if you are concerned they will give you the real deal on the issues it does or doesn't have. At the very least you can have someone from here who knows what wastegate rattle sounds like. If the price is right...