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Originally Posted by rollinstone157 View Post
great review, your pictures are far superior to my own! this is definitely "the ultimate" review.

and the second, smaller unit is an error cancelling resistor. if your car won't give you errors with it unplugged, might as well take it out to reduce heat and electrical consumption
thanks! Your review has extremely accurate pictures with clear and concise info. Props to helping the community out I think the ultimate review I did with AE's was the LUX H8 V1's that was image and video intensive lol.

thanks for the tip also, that it is error cancellors, that confirms my suspicion.

Originally Posted by autumnsunrise View Post
Nice review, its this product right? the mtec ones they sell on the site are more expensive, would they be a better choice though?
and will it work the same for e92?
this is the one. It works for Pre-LCI E92, 1 series, and any other systems that accepts H8 bulbs. Don't go for Mtecs, this set is superior in technology and brightness.

Originally Posted by christianjan View Post
Great review! Wish I saw this before I got my LUX.
thanks! you can't have the best of both worlds. honestly I do not think the LUX can be any much brighter or improved other than having a fade option, but I remember Marc saying this cannot be done to his LUX LED chips.

Originally Posted by Vesar View Post
You always make reviews on stuff that i want to buy! Thanks Which one you would prefer between city vision and dtec?
glad you are liking my reviews
DTEC by long shot. the city vision does not even compare. If you see my review comparing the lux and city vision, the city vision wasn't even close in brightness but the DTECs truly amazed me.

Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
Hmmm very interesting. I have to admit, I never liked the fact that my LUx just go on and off and don't fade out.

I also found that weird when my door handle puddle led, trunk led, tail lamps, interior cabin lights all fade in and out like a luxury car should but the LUX just goes full power without fading. I've gotten used to it but after installing DTECs now I'm torn lol.

Originally Posted by kreuz View Post
was gonna go with Lux but not I'm torn :'(

for the record. the color output of DTEC is 6000k same as my LUX V1 (6000k)
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