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Hello guys,

Bought some months ago a new 320i. I thought it was a realy bargain so did not take much time going through the various forums.

After 6000km the oil light was on. I called to book an oil check, but the lady at the service desk suggested that most probable the light was on for the two year service since the car was build in March 2010. That was my first shock.

I always felt that car behaved a bid weird but I thought this was just to my inexperence with Auto transmission. Car felt really sluggish in D mode so I always had in
Sport mode. I also noticed that consumption was high at combined for 6000km isr at 9.7 l/100km despite the fact that half of that was done on motorway. I will reset now and try to behave to see whether this will make any difference. Btw I always had the impression that under sport mode the car was more economical. Consumption is stuck max even at the softer pressing of the paddle, therefore I thought is better just to have it iin sport to have a faster acceleration and then just keep the rpms steady.
Does this have to do with the NO2 sensor?

I started investigating a bid on this and came accrossyour post yesterday. As you guessed first thing this morning I call the retailer to figure out what engine my car carries and guess what , is indeed the N43. Second suprise.

I bought the car omostly because of the reliability my dad's 320d E46 presented and also that the e92 was towards the end of its production cycle therefore I assumed all known mistakes should habe already been fixed.

You can imagine my disappointment when I realised that the car I bought is anything but that....

I want to get rid of the car before it starts creating problems.

I am thinking suggesting the dealer to swap the e92 for a 120d that was my original intention before I start facing the same problems.

What do you think is is a fair deal? Are you aware of any reliability issuses with the 120d? Is it the same engine as in the e90? It came to my notice an issue on blown turbos.

Should I just keep the e92 and just hope? I already experience a couple of times taking a bit longer than normal to start up , is it a first sign?

Is there any chance that my car is fitted with the bosch coils that supposingly (and hopefully) fix this issue?

I know that is a lot of questions in one post and most probable this have been answered somewhere else in the forum but I would really appreciate your kind reply since I am in worried.
I bought this car mostly on the grounds of the reliability we have faced with my dad’s e46.