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Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
Mini problems! Jees, you don't have much luck with cars do you, wasn't your e92 a dog?

I've never been in one but I have to admit I do like the look of the X1. It's less awkward than the X3 and less drug dealer than the X5.
Yep, same garage too! The e92 was a 320i, which was prone to the injector problem. That car spent more time off the road than on it. Shame, as it had everything I wanted in a car.

The Mini isn't that bad by any means, because it's just down to poor build quality. It's just frustrating. Buying what I feel is an expensive hatch brand new to find it constantly rattles or has odd noises when driving, judders and smokes on occasion is just frustrating. It got to the point where I stopped driving it to prove it wasn't me who was the source of the problem!

The X1 has me wanting another BMW. I think I'd enjoy the X1, and I also love the X5. I've been looking this morning for current stock of both in the area