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Originally Posted by Ripsin View Post
Hey all, new to the forum but have been a reader for a long time gaining lots of good advice from those who really know their stuff.

I have a 08' 335i currently at the stealership in hopes of curing an issue I had with performance. I've been told it needs a carbon cleaning and replacement of the intake manifold = $1345... Ouch. I have just over 50K and it just expired warranty.

The engine light and loss of power on the way to work concerned me, that's why the stealership has it. However, I have a pretty honest foreign car shop who will likely do it for less.

Here's my question... I had injectors 1 and 6 replaced during the recall for HPFI, they say cylinders 5 and 6 are dirty. Is it common for a car with this little mileage to need a carbon cleaning this early and for this cost??? My second 3 series and first time I've heard of this.

Much thanks you guys.
Only way you would need to replace the intake manifold would be, if its damaged in anyway. If it is not damaged than there is no reason to replace the intake-manifold at all.

Carbon built up can happen at any-point on these cars from what I have seen. I have wal-nut cleaning done on my car and I only had 24,400 miles on it. The carbon was pretty caked up on my valves. The shop foreman at my dealer, told me the carbon will build up over time, but it also depends on how you drive the car. People who do a lot of city driving, stop and go traffic will build up carbon quicker than those who do a lot of highway driving.

It seems like mileage does not really matter.
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