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Originally Posted by obert View Post
I say move on and when you buy a car from someone else send him a email letting him know you picked up a car from another dealer. And if he would have treated you better you would of bought from him.

He might not even car but then again he might.

As for your looks I have had a similar experience with a BMW dealer. People do judge a book by its cover, it is what it is
I wouldn't even bother doing that, as he will likely not even care.

To the OP, the experience you had is enough for me to never want to step foot in that dealership again, nor to ever recommend that dealership to your friends, here on the forums, etc.

Just because this dealer has that specific car, doesn't mean another dealer can't find you one just like it (or better), while treating you with some dignity and respect.

I recommend you find another dealer and salesperson who deserves to earn your business. As a business owner myself, treating your customers with the utmost respect at all times, is the cardinal rule in being successful in the long run.

If you want to do anything, you are better off sending a letter to the General Sales Manager of the dealership, AFTER you have bought a car from somewhere else. Unfortunately the GSM needs to learn the hard way, that hiring disrespectful employees, and promoting this kind of behavior without any recourse, will cause your sales department to lose business.