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Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
whats the point of asking why? my business.

just answer if you know. is it adjustable and is it done when alignment is done. i read that is not adjustable. i want to verify from people that know or have the knowledge.
Originally Posted by The Hack View Post
Because castor angles are fixed on a BMW MacPherson Strut? And the only way to adjust it is by adding castor plates?

Seriously? I had to answer that? It's like talking to my 4 year old daughter.
Seriously, why the sarcastic attitude from the both of you? Could there be a possible curiosity on my part (attempting to offer concise information to you) want to know what is the OP's rationale and motivation to the change or adjust these particular fixed points of the suspension; hence, my friggin' question before giving an answer.

This is not a typical question that comes up everyday in forums, so I was curious to know if there was a back story to your question. I do not know if OP's desired to adjust the slip angle or address a self centering action problem (too little or too much) at low speeds. Adjustment to the caster is not typically done.

By the way hack its not spelled "castor", it's caster.
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