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Originally Posted by lcag08 View Post
CIC and DCT was a definite influencer in my decision to buy a 2009 (vs a 2008), however if I already had a <2009 I don't think I could justify spending the money to upgrade IDrive. Yes, it's a lot better, but not THAT much better (and I love gadgets/car electronics). I wouldn't be able to justify anything more than $1k at the most.
Thanks. I got a mid 2009 build car with CCC. I think they changed over about 2~3 months after my car was built. i don't think I'd bother to change. I use a 64GB USB drive with MP3's which works fine for my music needs. I don't like the navigation system in my car, but I suspect I'd still be disappointed with the CIC. I find its got really bad route planning and a general lack of features.