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Originally Posted by Bakeme521 View Post
Phouc, this is just my opinion, BUT I think your car would look a lot better with the lower mesh installed in the bumper in front of the IC. I think it just looks unfinished with it not in there.

Just my $.02
True but the IC was cutting into my front bumper. also it made my front bumper had lower that's why I had to cut it out and trim the side.

Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
I thought he had to cut a couple of tabs or something to get the BT to fit, thats why its wasn't on there.
Right I also had to take out my performance brake ducts aswell.

Originally Posted by ///M 95 View Post
Not if it was installed properly.
Big Tom on 335is is way different than 335i. We have extra brake ducts near the middle and side. We basicly have 2 side oil coolers and a duct behind oil cooler into brakes and also middle sides are brake ducts.

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