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After going over some things in side convos with Taibanl we figured out I was calibrating too low.

So what I was calling distortion I think was just clipping, You would turn the volume up and once you hit a
certain level the next turn of the knob would goe up another 2 octives and get harsh like when the volumes up too loud..

THIS IS Gone now, Calibrated @21db and I can turn up loud and clear. ( notice slight hiss though with volume all the way down, minor.)

Its not only louder now it sounds solid all the way till max with the MS8 on -6db I think when I was calibrating at 180/24 and 35/18 the only
reason I was getting away with it was because it was being calibrated too low. Now I can feel the door speakers working and sounding good.

With the Center being a little louder than the doors I found a simple solution, Just lower the center level in the MS8 2 clicks now its balanced
across nice (until I add the R4's then I will put back to default).

Latest & Best settings ( so far )

* Front = 2-way,
* 50Hz subsonic/24dB, 200Hz at 24dB Hi/Lo
* Center = 1-way, 200Hz at 24dB
* Sides = 1-way, 200Hz at 24dB
* Calibration volume = -21dB
* Main volume after calibration = -6dB

Almost perfect, Would like to try @ maybe 20db and 22db calibration volume and compare as well.

The underseats are not as bassy as with the stock amp but they tend to hit nice ( mid bass ). Im assuming a sub would compliment it nice with current config.

Getting there slowly ( eying up a sub amp + sub box )!
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