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P 5UML - Build Thread

hi guys,

i haven't actually created a mini build thread so to speak so thought id do one now, the car is a E92 325D Msport, Sparkling Graphite & i-drive

here is she looked when i bought her...

first mod was the m3 rear lip spoiler

then came the gloss black grills and number plate...

LED reverse lights...

LED Angels...

i wasnt happy with the stock sound system at all so had the Alpine retrofit done, installed myself!
really happy with the sound quality and the addition of tweeters really made a difference!

had a go at claying the car giving it a good detail...

the day i got my wheels! the Zito 19s wrapped in Falken 452's

then it was my birthday so bought myself a little present

which when installed looked like this...the W7 is an amazing bit of kit!

then i didnt like the silver trim that came with the car, so i wrapped it in carbon

after doing this i kind of liked the carbon theme and went ahead doing little touches around the car...

first came the wing mirrors, full carbon but part painted only leaving the top exposed...

then came the rear performance diffuser...

carbon front splitters which i had moulded on...

then the engine got a custom makeover...

and then i decided to change the spoiler and get the carbon performance one...think it makes the rear look pretty chunky

some completed pics....

thanks for looking guys!

all opinions welcome...
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