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Sad day, I had to give the X1 back. I have to say, I didn't find one fault with the X1 at all. I feel I really put it through its paces too. Done everything I would do with the mini, both commuting and weekend type activities. It's cabin space and smooth drive were huge pluses, and I have to say....I'm in love with automatics now. That was the first automatic car I've ever driven, and after a few hairy moments thinking the brake was the made every day mundane driving that little bit more bearable.

I had a look round the forecourt last night, and they had a large selection of X1 and X5, but no newer X3's. The chap at the service desk said that the new ones are pretty rare at that dealership, but if one came in he would get a salesman to call me for a test drive.

From what I've read above, the Mini woes seem to affect many owners. The annoying thing is that the car is a blast to drive, yet is let down by corner cutting and poor build quality. Plus its the perfect compromise between sporty hatch for me and a girly car for the mrs.

If it wasn't for the fact I am on a PCP deal and only 20 months in to a 48 month plan, I would trade the mini in this weekend. I would probably have the fork out the difference now to VT the contract and that's not going to fly with the mrs right now. My only chance might be to convince her we need two cars, and that the mini can be hers. Wish me luck!