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Car Damage, What Should I do?

So I get a text from the other half whilst on my way home from work the other day to say that the side of her car is damaged, that it looked like someone had driven into it and then fucked off.

There is no denting just some quite deep scratches and rubber marks, after some work with the polish I managed to remove some of the damage but a large portion is too deep and would need to go to a bodyshop, it is exactly the sort that you would get from someone just clipping it at low speed.

Obviously we tried to think where it could have been to try and investigate further, however the car had not been anywhere since I had cleaned it on Saturday and the damage definitely wasn't there at this point.

In the end we put it down to a lost cause, until yesterday when I was out cleaning the 335 and my neighbour came home. Now we share a communal parking area so she parks next to my car and as she pulled on I thought she was going to hit the side of my car, she got pretty close. All of a sudden the penny dropped, the angle that she came in at would have been the perfect angle to cause the same sort of damage to the car as has been done to the TT.

After she had gone I had a look at her front bumper which sure enough was damaged and didn't look straight. I am 99% sure that she has hit the side of the car but obviously have no way of proving it and after not putting her hands up to it she isn't going to admit to it in a hurry.

So now I don't know what to? Do I go round and call her bluff and say someone saw her do it and see what she says? Or go about it another way?

Any ideas, or what you do?

Thanks for Reading
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