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Well crap! I snapped off one of the valve cover bolts. It's snug in there, just broke the head clean off. Can I just leave it or do I need to remove the valve cover again and remove that one end of the bolt? Will it leak?

My stupid torque wrench from harbor freight sucks. I set it at about 7 torque ft. lbs. Since it doesn't have NM on the back it just says DA NM and the instructions for how to use it suck. I tightened the bolts but never heard a click for it to be at the right torque. So kept going and it snapped one of my bolt heads off.

I also super glued that plastic suction piece back on, but broke it off again when tightening the bolts back on. Guess I will leave it off until the very end then super glue it back on again.

So frustrated right now.

Got the valve cover all put back together, minus the broken bolt and the broken plastic valve like piece. Now for more fun for me, because I was also replacing my broken starter at the same time as this. When I put my intake manifold back on and tried to move the oil vapor hose that got caught under my intake manifold. Well pulled on it and it snapped in half. So now I get to drive all the way back to the dealer to buy the few broken parts that I need replaced now. No wonder BMW charges so much for this job. It is a total nightmare. I've been working on it for 3 days straight now and still not done.

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