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Originally Posted by luckydawg003 View Post
Well crap! I snapped off one of the valve cover bolts. It's snug in there, just broke the head clean off. Can I just leave it or do I need to remove the valve cover again and remove that one end of the bolt? Will it leak?

My stupid torque wrench from harbor freight sucks. I set it at about 7 torque ft. lbs. Since it doesn't have NM on the back it just says DA NM and the instructions for how to use it suck. I tightened the bolts but never heard a click for it to be at the right torque. So kept going and it snapped one of my bolt heads off.

I also super glued that plastic suction piece back on, but broke it off again when tightening the bolts back on. Guess I will leave it off until the very end then super glue it back on again.

So frustrated right now.
I know the frustrations of doing things and something else gets screwed up.
Visualizing your explanation is hard to tell but if it were me, I would either try to get the stud out without removing the cover, like a screw driver and try to turn it out, if that doesn't work, I would loosen all the bolts and lift the cover just enough to clear space to grab it with a vise grip or something. But that also depends on were the break is, hopefully it's easily accessible. I don't know if it will leak, but I myself wouldn't sleep at night lol.
As for the plastic nipple on the cover, I would also say it's ok being mostly vapor runs through it. Keep your eye on it every now and again just to make sure.