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GT Motoring - A NONO

This gtmotoring company down @ Schaumburg, IL is a piece of shit. They are BBS distributor, i ordered my BBS rims from them almost 9months ago. WELL in the meantime i changed the rims style and tires.. blah blah blah.. ended up ordering a BBS CX-R about 4 months ago. Things before i FULLY PAID is still OK, Not that bad. After paid, they started to ignore emails, by ignore i mean taking them 2 - 4 weeks to reply a email. Anyways, so ended up they said BBS USA have no stock, need to order from Europe ..OK i take that sure why not..So.. need to wait another month. In the meantime, i email them millions times and they never reply. Usually i need to add words like "FXUK" or "No JOKE" or "dont force me to do legal action", they would reply. Seriously, If i need to say these kinda words, its case is already NOT MAKING SENSE. This is not my first time ordering from these kind of Online stores i never had any trouble with anyone BUT THIS GT-MOTORING. THEY Seriously dont know how to do business, sometimes, they reply my email after 1 month and tell me hes on holiday trip or he broke his leg.. blah blah blah.. Tons of reason/excuse (like a kid). And the gayest thing is, They never say Sorry. NOT even once. Anyways, so finally, 2 days ago, i "FUXK" them again, they told me to stop sending these kind of "vulgar" email and tell me to look forward to my tracking numbers, which i have already waited almost an extra month. I somehow feels that hes threaten me of not going to send my rims & tires OR its gonna be a way way way long time ~

So as of now, they should send me the tracking number on this coming friday July 27 or maybe latest Monday (July 30) i guess ?

Their website:

If any GT-Motoring Fans or anyone wonder if this is real, i can post my emails and invoice up.

Seriously, this shop is gay.