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Originally Posted by thetedderbear View Post
Just a piece of advice, although from the looks of it you'll lash out at me too. I got my 335i as a gift from my parents a year ago when I was 17. The first thing I learned on e90post is that admitting you're under 18 is shooting yourself in the foot. It sucks that you're discriminated against, but it is what it is. Second, parts for relatively new BMW's are expensive. Trust me, it took a while, but I got jobs, found work, did anything for money to buy my stuff. Yeah, the car was a gift(although it was bought with my college fund after I got a full academic ride, so in a way it was 4 years of working for it). But my tune, exhaust, intake, and upgraded turbos were all bought either with my money or worked for in some way. Even if mommy and daddy will pay for everything, don't admit it on here if you want to be taken seriously. Cool the hot head, listen/research before posting, work, and you'll get what you want.
Dont think anyone will flame you or out to get anyone, OP just took a bath in lighter fluid when he said "im a spoiled 17 year old" Stupid as hell to say, and completely irrelevant to the thread. Not to mention hes willing to pay $480 for a used product when new is $500, makes no sense in more ways then one lol. Like I said, always lacking some common sense