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Originally Posted by TT3 iN NyC View Post
After college in 07, got a $10,000 sign on bonus from an Investment Bank. They went bankrupt (you guys can guess which bank now lol) and gave me a huge severance.

Put that 10k down as a down payment, made monthly payments and paid off the car with the severance. I feel as if i got this car for free...

Only thing I paid for out of my pockets is the mods.. lol..

I feel lucky.
Dag you would waste all that money on a car.....I had friends circa 2008 who due to the economy were asked to delay their start after getting a firm job offer, and we're talking 140 starting salary, so they got 70 to not show up for a year. Most of those people saved every penny and tried to find other work to supplement....I can get the notion of a free car with say a great stock trade, or flipping a property, but not so much from wages. That's not free, that's hard-earned.