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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
said to myself one day "f*ck it. i want the american dream- debt." i have to be honest though. I do have a very good job and still live at home. 3 years ago i was single and didnt give a shit about anything other than my wants. fast forward and im i a serious relationship and since we're planning the next couple of steps together, i definitely would not have gotten it if i was to do it all over again.
The good part about it is you're "planning" the next couple of steps. You always make mistakes in life, but the more you make early on, the less you make later on imho. I remember when I refi'd my first car, a buddy at work laughed saying you're only saving $20/mo. by going through all that, we spend $20/day on lunch, so why bother? I saw it as $240 per year times 3 years, but also a way to learn about restructuring the debt. It's just a few mouse clicks, and then a ride to the bank with the check.