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Originally Posted by johnnyg238 View Post
Went to college, got into medical school, 4years of intensive study followed by 3 years of residency and 2 more years of fellowship in my specialty. BMW was my dream car from the age of 9 and rather than have my parents buy one for me or stretch to own one early on I waited till I could pay for it myself as a reward. 2 months into private practice walked into a dealership and drove out with my reward to myself for all the hard work over the past decade. Makes me smile every time I drive it

PS. I traded in a 97 honda accord that I was almost embarrassed to drive into the dealership.
Nice story. I'm glad you got your reward in the end.

I resent your Accord comment, though. I'm still driving my 97 civic. Waiting to receive my offer letter before I buy my 335.