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Worked fulltime and saving all my money since 17 as a line cook at fine dinning restaurants, graduated high school with a 3.7 (no plans on attending college lol) made sous chef at 19. Tried to buy an e92 but with 15k down I couldn't get financed (guys at the dealership treated me like shit and looked down on me even thought I had 15k down) so I financed a 2000 Mazda millennia for 18 months to get some credit history. Payed it off early by that time I was still making pretty good money and had alot of saving and free income. So I caught the bus to the dealership (even thought I still had my Mazda) got off the bus right in front of the dealer talked to the same sales man who treated me like shit. He told me when I got on the lot I must have good credit or a cosigner to be back on the lot a laughed. I said no, test drove a 2011 335i coupe loaded (with said salesman) after the test drive I said I'll take it, he said let's try to get you financed and chuckled, I said no, "I'll be paying straight cash". He didn't believe me, or even noticed the draw string backpack I had with me so i opened it and he became the best salesman ever but it was to late, to teach him a lesson at the last minute I got another salesman who had just started there and said I'll take the silver 2011 335i coupe over there. The asshole salesman looked as me and the manager counted the money in astonishment. Didn't even needed the car detailed because it just had came off of the truck, it still had the plastic on the seats. So I got my BMW by working hard, staying focused, shitting on an asshole salesman along the way and 5000 off sticker and free CPO WARRANTY
It is my DREAM to do that to someone. I'm pretty young and so people always look at me the way they did to you. It's infuriating, isn't it?