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Originally Posted by RCUK View Post
Just to update the thread..

On sat night she was out and the guy started looking at another girl on the third floor. Luckily her partner was in and ran down to ask him what he was doing. He said the guy was sweating loads and said he was waiting for a friend. Sadly my friend hadnt told the lady up there about the issues she was having but only her direct neighbours, so the guy let him go and didnt follow him.

Police did a full on door to door knocking on Tuesday to make everyone in her area aware of whats going on and also to see if they could find him from the limited description the neighbour gave. They are now working on the theory that the guy is new to the area and may have done something similar elsewhere before.

Police have honestly been brilliant. They are going to ignore the council and put up CCTV. Also they have made a formal complaint against the council and their handling of the situation. Every office in Brentwood is aware of the issue.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights they are going to camp out in her flat and wait for the guy to appear with any luck. Sadly they said the most he will get is a fine and a slap on the wrists, but at least they will know where he lives and keep tabs on him.

To be honest im really surprised by the lengths the police are going to - but extremely impressed by their response and pleased for her.
Wow well impressed with that response from the police usually just said nothing we can do until summit happens

Let's hope catch the weirdo