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I was looking to purchase an F30 in Illinois. Didn't really matter where I bought it from since I lived in the middle of the state at the time of purchase. After looking at board sponsors and noticing Irv being on there, I gave him a call. On the first call itself, with him having no information on how serious I was on purchasing the car, we talked for quite a while and shared some laughs. He came off as a very genuine individual, something that was confirmed with more calls and my face to face meeting. I told him that I pretty much wanted to purchase the vehicle over the phone/email and pick it up when it gets to Illinois. We worked it out and he gave me of the better deals straight off the bat without me asking. Two months later, it was delivery day and I showed up at the dealership for the first time. Irv greeted me, gave me a tour and had me meet the owners. Overall a straightforward experience. No bullshit and no shady business. Keep in mind, I purchased the vehicle and if you are planning for an ED, Irv is the best in the business, he's done it so many times now.

It's been a month and half since purchasing from Irv and he's one of those CA's that doesn't forget you after you pull the trigger on the purchase/lease/finance. We have been in touch since delivery day and have the occasional talk over phone. I don't live in Illinois as of the moment but I will be rest assured going with Irv when the time comes to purchase my next vehicle.