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great summary gonick. I can't agree with you more...even tho i didnt' get to spend as much time in it, just a little over an hour. But feeling "connected" and falling into the seats, hand falls on the shifter all bring the driver closer to the car.

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I had an s2000 before my 335i and I still miss that car so much.

It's hard to explain but you just feel so much more connected to the car in the s2000. You are totally involved in driving it and the way it responds to your every input is so precise. Turn in is so sharp and the cars body is so flat. Brakes and steering are also very precise and inspire confidence The transmission is just so perfect too. The car just begs you to drive it hard. I like the simplicity of the cockpit and how you fall into the car instead of stepping into it. I like how every control is within reach even when your hands are on the steering wheel. You get a sense that the car was made with such a narrow focus on driver enjoyment as compared to the 335i which is more a jack of all trades. You also feel like you a driving something special, a handmade car with a truly unique engine. I miss revving the f20c to its 9000 rpm redline with the top down. The sound it makes will give you goosebumps. It is also the epitome of Honda reliability. I only had to do routine maintenance and I felt like the car could last forever if taken care off. The s2000 has also IMO aged very well and still looks very modern.

Downsides? It's not terribly practical. It can also beat you up if it's a daily driver... You have to exert effort driving the car. It makes you work unlike a 335i were you can just cruise for miles and miles. There is a lot of noise coming into the cabin because of the soft top. Wind noise, tire noise, engine noise, transmission, rocks and pavement. The car is really raw.

Also the steering wheel is a bit small.