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Nothing beats top down! My Shelby was a 'vert, with that toxic exhaust note (aftermarket exhaust) it was probably some of the most fun I had in a car. I didn't want to keep that for too long, 13mpg ain't pretty.

STi was fun as well, and is the main reason that I'm checking out S2K's...a driver's car.

And I do think since this car needs to be over 6k rpm, it inevitably makes the driver feel "exerted" to drive. But I'm sure for those that are used to/like it, it's just the matter getting used to it. I remember getting back in the 328, subconsciously trying to drive like I was just driving the S2k, revving the engine and what not... although silky smooth, it wasn't the same. "Thrill" is a good word to describe.

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It won't have the same thrills as your sti or Shelby, the s2k doesn't have much torque and has to be rev pass 6k where it shines the most. When you do though it is quite the experience and with the top down its a blast to drive.

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